October 29, 2016
Donald Kerry Frey is the happy founder of both Frey Robotics (freyrobotics.com) and Nova Tribune (novatribune.org). Both are information sites with different goals. Frey Robotics informs its readers of the current state of technology in a way that makes them less fearful of the effects of technology. This is important because robotics are the future. They make many tasks more effective and efficient over the long run.

The Nova Tribune was created by Donald Kerry Frey to fill a glaring need in the news space, which needed a source that presented all news from both sides of every issue. He has always been passionate about information. He’s not just interested in consuming as much as possible, he wants to make sure people who consume information become smarter and more knowledgeable.
April 15, 2016
If you want to utilize a website that provides articles from both sides of a current issue in order to make your own opinion regarding current issues, The Nova Tribune is the place to go. Donald Kerry Frey, a tech entrepreneur and current owner of The Nova Tribune (novatribune.org) wanted to create a website that gave people options. It is in the understanding of individuals delivering the news with their own perspective incorporated that Donald Kerry Frey created The Nova Tribune. Donald Kerry Frey continues to work to give people an alternate news source that informs and educates using articles written about multiple fields from multiple sources.